Ant Control Blunders You Should Know To Be Safe

Ants As Pests

Ants are small insects that are variants in colour such as red, orange and black and attracted to your property in search of food and shelter. They act as pests and cause harm to humans in a number of ways and they are uninvited at many places in homes, gardens, picnics, restaurants and even sports grounds but the kitchen is their favourite place as they get everything they want. There are around 12,000 species of ants present but only a few of them are a threat to people. Some are beneficial also as they cause moistening of soil and so they are of great ecological importance. But they cause serious damage to health and property sometimes, so they are treated as pests and ant control is performed in residential and commercial places.

Ant Harms To People

They are annoying and nuisance and spread bacteria through stings, damage property and even cause serious threats to the health of a person by causing allergies. These all are explained as below:

  • Allergies

Ant stings generally do not cause serious consequences, only redness, itching and swelling occur, the dangerously known fire ant stings are serious but it is most serious in people with hypersensitivity as sometimes hospitalisation also occurs.

  • Ant Stings and bites

As only fire ants stings very badly and their bite is very painful so you have to take proper care to prevent their stings.

  • Wear boots while doing work in the garden.
  • Prevent yourself from damaging their nests.
  • Brush out ants quickly.
  • Ant Poisons

If you are preparing for some spray or powders for killing ants then be careful while using insecticides as these are very poisonous and keep them away from your pets and kids. Read the instructions written on them and then use them accordingly.

Damage Caused To Residential And Commercial Properties

Whether it is home or business, ants can damage both.

  • They form small mountain-like nests of soil and live in it.
  • Ants make holes in walls and furniture by hollowing them.
  • They attack electrical appliances and may even cause short circuits when entering into the circuit area.

Ant Affects Pets

They are also harmful to pets and if they attack your pets then remove all the ants from your pet’s body by wearing gloves in your hand as their more number of stings may require veterinary attention immediately.

Do’s And Don’ts When Ants Attack Your House

If you study about ants then you will find various tricks through which you can eliminate ants from your house or even stop them from entering your house. Some of the tricks are as follows:

  • Keep your cabinets, floors and counters of your kitchen be cleaned to prevent ant infestation as if food is not present outside then no ants attract.
  • Take an inspection of your home and fill over all the cracks and crevices anywhere in your home whether it is bedroom, kitchen or even bathroom, ceilings and floors also. 
  • Pack over all the entry points properly through which ants can enter to block their entrance.
  • Take care of your garbage boxes and put them away from your home.
  • Clean all the food that falls on any place whether it is fallen by you or your kids. Clean it immediately to prevent forming colonies of ants.
  • If any dead animal is present inside your house then ants form colonies quickly, so remove it as soon as possible.
  • To keep carpenter ants away from the house, remove piles of wood away from your house.
  • Ants’ baits can be set up for workers to protect them from their stings.

Ants Nesting Indoors

There are many favourite places and things for ants inside your property like under the floors, behind the walls, inside the ceilings, within pillars, behind the doors and windows and many other places. For these places, bait is the best option in which slow-acting insecticides are combined with food attractants which can destroy the whole of their colonies. 

Ants Nesting Outdoors

Ants come inside from outdoors so if the outdoor ant is trapped then the entire ant elimination can be done. Trace it out inside the ground as an anthill, a lot of colonies hide beneath the grass, under gravel stones and mulch. To eliminate ants from these places you can use the insecticides spray or liquid insecticides as according to the instructions given on the label.

Necessity Of Ants Control By Professionals

If you have ants in your home, then it will disturb your sleep and so you immediately try DIY methods which you know and which others told you to eliminate but you failed as they come again and again and cause infestation. Hence, it is very important to hire professionals for this work as:

  • They have skills and knowledge through which they can easily remove ants without taking much time.
  • Experts have enough experience to perform their work in the best way possible.
  • They use high tech equipment and updated procedures which are favourable for the current situation.
  • Professionals are licensed and certified.
  • They are always available in an emergency.

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